Turismo ecuestre- El enganche



Spanish Equestrian Travel dosen´t want to be another of the Equestrian Tourism Companies. We want that the traveller visiting Andalusia by horse, LIVES and EXPERIENCES with all their senses the real essence of a Genuine Andalusia, Authentic …………… Different..

HORSEBACJK RIDING AND HORSES BASED TOURISM YES…. But full of Experiences and Sensations.

ANDALUSIA is a land of culture, history, fete, nature and great food. You will visit from impressive monuments to a natural environment full of contrasts, will live singular popular celebrations and taste delicious products.

Always with The Horse as the main protagonist..

You will be able to know the culture of Andalusia, for example, by discovering their areas that are declared World Heritage Site. In Granada you can find the Alhambra, the Generalife and the Albaicín; in Córdoba in its historic centre is the Mosque; in Seville the Cathedral, the Alcázar and the Archivo de Indias. Besides you can enjoy fetes as the Pilgrimage of El Rocio in Huelva or Seville April Fair. You will find a varied nature ranging from the beaches of the Costa de la Luz to the vast fields of the countryside of Seville. Further you can visit the Doñana National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sierra Nevada, Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Pedroches Valley, etcetera. Finally, remember that Andalusia has a thousand flavors to try. From Sherry (Cádiz) and Montilla – Moriles (Córdoba), the “Pescaito Frito” (fried fish) in Cádiz and Málaga, the ham from Huelva and Cordoba, and olive oil or typical dishes like gazpacho and salmorejo.

Horseback riding are synonymous with joy and fun: Many festivals and fairs of Andalusia are inconceivable without the presence of horses. With Spanish Equestrian Travels you will know how best the essence of the El Rocío Pilgrimage, the April Fair in Seville, racing on the beach of Sanlucar de Barrameda or the Horse Fair in Jerez, all them declared International Tourist Interest. Horseback riding is, in many cases, the center of the celebration, and provide eye candy and majesty with concourses, exhibitions, show jumping competitions … It is, in short, another sign of affection and passion that horses awaken in this land.

Come and see for yourself. What are you waiting for?